Iceni Academy recognises the important connection between a healthy diet and a pupil’s ability to learn effectively and achieve high standards. We also recognise the role an academy can play, as part of the larger community, to promote family health and sustainable food and farming practices.

A set meal menu can be chosen through School Money. You will be issued with a username and password when your child starts school. Lunches can be ordered up to 3-4 weeks in advance.

Meals are freshly cooked at our Methwold site and menus are run on a 3 week rota.  Click on the link below for an up to date menu.  Paper copies can be picked up from our Reception.  For those who prefer a packed lunch, we encourage our parents to provide a packed lunch which will support afternoon learning i.e. sandwiches from wholemeal bread, fruit and water or fruit juice to drink and a treat of course!

Spring Summer menu 2022