Miss Rickards

This is our Year 5/6 class for 10-11 year olds – Oak Class are brilliant! At the end of Year 6, children take their national SATs in May each year and we are always proud of how hard the children work – we believe that trying their absolute best is all that we can ask and we celebrate progress in every child.  In Oak Class we believe that enriching the children’s learning with as much topic work as possible allows our pupils to enjoy their school experience without constant pressure of tests – when the children are expected to take their tests, the majority of children cheer, ‘Yay!’

During the Autumn Term 2021 we are learning about WW1 and WW2 plus the timeline and links between the two wars. I have already been incredibly impressed by what the children already know about WW1…and I am fascinated by what they would like to know (more about the pigeons used to guide missiles to their target in WW2!).

Our quality text for the second part of the Autumn term will be Anee Frank’s Diary (a primary source of information) and we will be taking a trip to Gressenhall to immerse ourselves in what life was like during the war years.

If you have any WW1 or WW2 artefacts then please do send them in (or photos of them if you prefer) and they can be added to our display.