Dear Parents/Carers,

Safeguarding Update – October 2020  

Chad Wild Clay on You Tube

I thought I would share this as we have become aware of a programme on You Tube called Chad Wild Clay.  This is a You-Tube programme, that is described as a quest/fighting/surprise present game that some of our younger students seem to be watching daily.

Please read the description below from our brief search about it, in order to be completely informed, if your child asks to watch it.

A You-tuber called Chad Wild Clay posts You Tube videos that look and sound very child friendly, but when you watch, it is actually about weapons.  Knives, knuckle gloves that can have blades attached and concealed knives are hidden in everyday objects.

The most concerning thing is that these videos are targeting younger children and there is no age restriction attached.  If parents glanced at the video they could think it is suitable for their child to watch as it is just like the videos where children are opening surprise toys.

Thank you all for being ever vigilant while keeping our children safe online.

Kind regards,

Victoria Slade