Intent for KS1 to KS4

Iceni Academy is set in a rural predominantly white British community. The academy constitutes EYFS, KS1 and KS2 at Iceni Hockwold and KS3 and KS4 at Iceni Methwold. As an academy we wanted to ensure that our pupils are prepared for life in a diverse modern Britain and are able to make good life choices regarding relationships, health and their online presence.

Across both sites, we want to create a safe learning environment where pupils feel confident and empowered to discuss and debate a plethora of topics

Our curriculum is robust and draws from the PHSE Association Programme of Study for PHSE Education (Jan 2020 edition) as well as the Department for Education- Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education.

At Iceni Hockwold our RSHE scheme covers all elements regarding the legislation for primary students, in effect from 2020. Due to the nature of the content, we teach these sessions in single aged classes to ensure the content is age appropriate.

Relationships and sex education (RSE) at Iceni Academy will support the whole school aim of preparing well rounded, happy, successful individuals with fantastic futures. RSE including PHSE is lifelong learning about respectful relationships, sexuality, emotions, sex, sexual and mental health and well being. RSE should signpost and empower, build self esteem, safeguard young people in the modern world to help them make informed decisions at the right age and stage providing a strong foundation to be successful in life.

The aims of relationships and sex education (RSE) at Iceni are to:

  • Create a positive culture around issues of sexuality and respectful relationships, including celebration of self and others.
  • Provide a safe, non-biased learning environment which is empowering to all involved based on the belief that bullying, prejudice and discrimination are unacceptable. If discrimination is experienced, both staff and pupils are empowered to report and resolve.
  • Provide wholly inclusive spiral and thematic curriculum allowing for development of knowledge relevant to the age and stage of the learner, using non-biased, accurate and factual information including the correct vocabulary to describe themselves and their bodies.
  • Help pupils develop feelings of self-respect, confidence and empathy to become well rounded young people and have a successful future.
  • Develop personal qualities and communication skills to have and maintain healthy, safe and respectful relationships for themselves and to role model this for others.
  • Ensure pupils are informed of their rights, including the legal framework and signpost regularly on how to access confidential help to keep themselves and others safe.

Please find below the powerpoint shared with parents at our most recent RSHE Parent Forum from Thursday 26th May 2022. It was a very productive evening and we would like to thank the parents who were able to attend. We were able to show the RSHE schemes we use in school and talk about the rationale behind our approach which is rooted in work we did during the academic year 2019-2020 when we were an early-adopter school of the new RSHE curriculum for September 2020.

Parents had the opportunity to discuss and express their thoughts, and ask questions of the Principal and RSHE Subject Leader – we appreciate their candour. One next step for us is to source with our contacts books about puberty that remain age-appropriate throughout the whole book; parents explained that, when they purchase books for their own children, the books start with information for the age their child is at but then switch part way through to giving information and diagrams that the child is not ready for just yet.

Our Parent Forums are a wonderful way through which both parents/carers and teachers can feel confident and comfortable about the content being taught, and also feel empowered to answer children’s questions both at school and at home.

Welcome to our parent forum