Intent for KS1 to KS4

PE is championed for its potential to promote health and encourage lifelong physical activity. PE is also praised for its contribution to improved psychological health, for helping to nurture social and moral development – as well as supporting cognitive and academic performance, embedding the values of responsibility, teamwork, communication, creativity, resilience, determination and tolerance.

High quality PE fosters the physical, moral, social, emotional, cultural and intellectual development of children and young people. Pupils will develop skills to enable them to participate and lead effectively, safely and with confidence in a number of activities in, out and beyond school, playing competitive sport as well as physically demanding activities. Opportunities are provided for pupils to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness.

In EYFS, children have 1 session of PE week.

In KS1 and KS2, each class has two hours of PE each week, which are stand alone and therefore not part of the topic for that term.

In KS3, students have 4 x 1 hour lessons a fortnight.

In KS4, students can choose PE as an option: OCR CN Sports Science and OCR GCSE PE (4 x 1 hour a fortnight).