Intent for KS1 to KS4

At Iceni Academy, we provide a high-quality Computing education, which equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to help them understand the digital world around them.  We believe that students who become proficient in Computing and Computer Science are more able to succeed in everyday life as well as in their chosen vocations; therefore, we consider computing skills to be both crucial and essential to further our pupils’ ambitions.

At Iceni we ensure that all pupils become digitally literate.  This means that students are able to use technology effectively, express themselves creatively, communicate with others and develop their ideas through different technologies.  We aim for students to understand the purpose and uses of the information systems and networks around them as well as knowing how to keep themselves and others safe online.  Keeping safe is taught directly to students to remind them of e-safety, as well as preparing them for the world of work and their futures in an increasing digital-based world.

A core component of Computing is Computer Science and at Iceni we actively teach children to become computational thinkers through all phases.  Children are taught programming skills alongside logical reasoning, decomposition and problem-solving skills.  They use a variety of computer technologies and are actively encouraged to be as creative as possible when coding games, creating presentations, showcasing results and much more.

Computing education starts at the very beginning of our children’s learning in EYFS and we have high expectations for children in all phases.  The Non-Negotiable statements below outline the expectations of children at the end of each phase of their education with us at Iceni.

During Secondary school we develop learner’s knowledge, skills and understanding through key computational concepts, logical thinking and basic IT skills. Students will have the opportunity to develop the mind of a computer scientist through studying Computer Science at GCSE and learn to use computer software to produce digital products in Creative iMedia.