Attendance Procedure

We have amended out attendance procedure, to act more quickly when we see a child’s attendance falling below where we expect, as our aim is for overall attendance to be 97%. This procedure is in place across both sites.

ICS – Iceni Secondary Site.   ICP – Iceni Primary Site

SEPTEMBER General attendance letter and legal intervention letter goes out to all parents/carers. Methwold attendance officer completes for both sites.
Specific attendance letters related to the students end of previous years attendance and year 7’s also sent home.
Medical evidence is also requested for students with poor attendance the previous year in order that absences can be unauthorised from day one.
THROUGHOUT THE YEAR Attendance/PA students every two weeks in primary.

Every week in secondary.

Primary Secretary prints off and sends to Principal at ICP.

Attendance officer at ICS.

  At 98%+, Letter of congratulations/Keep up the good work to children. At the end of every term. 10tp awarded at ICP. ICS to produce a congratulations letter too. Primary secretary to send out at ICP

Attendance officer at ICS.

  When a child’s attendance is 95% or less first letter goes out regarding the importance of attendance. Primary secretary/Principal to send out at ICP

Attendance officer at ICS. HoY and PL to discuss with pupils.

  At 93%, a second letter to go out to parents asking for medical letter for any future illnesses. Explain that their child is classed as PA from 90%. Provide information on Joint Medical Protocol for parents to ask for their permission for us to speak to their Dr. Ask parents to provide a permission of allocating records letter for us to send to Dr.

Send letter to Drs with permission letter from parents and herringbone.

Primary secretary/Principal to send out at ICP

Attendance officer at ICS.

  At 92%. Parents invited in to speak to Principal/Head of attendance at ICS. Explain that soon as a child has had 19 days off or their attendance is 90% or less, they will be PA for the rest of the year, so need to ensure this does not happen.

Action plan put in place.

Primary secretary/Principal to send out at ICP

Attendance officer at ICS to send letters out.

  91% and lower. Fast track paperwork completed. Attendance monitored on a weekly basis, uploaded onto the Attendance tracker, and discussed at SLT meetings.


Rewarding Attendance Improving Attendance
Class with highest attendance each week get 10 minutes extra playtime. ICP ONLY Fast track any pupil who has more than 10 sessions off due to holiday.
Postcards are sent home with positive comments re attendance. (Completed by secretary at ICP and attendance officer at ICS). Text messages/ phone calls made home if we do not hear why a child is absent. Follow up calls made if no answer.


All pupils with 98+ attendance each term receive a voucher and entered into a draw for a £10 voucher. (Nandos at ICS and Tesco’s/Amazon at ICP) Two available to win.  Separate draws for ICP and ICS

Drawn in assembly.

At ICS, those late in in the morning are recorded and persistent late comers have lunchtime detention.


All pupils with 100% attendance at the end of the year get a voucher. (Nandos at ICS and Tesco’s/Amazon at ICP) Amount dependent on how many achieve it and budget allowances. Welfare call completed when a child has 4 or more days off. This will happen on the first day for a vulnerable child. Usually Principal/AP and 1 other member of staff.

Recorded on CPOMS.

At ICS, those with 97-100% have the opportunity to attend a trip at a heavily reduced cost.


Students of concern are discussed at SLT/staff/Success Team meeting regularly.



Home Visiting Guidelines for Staff

  • Two members of staff must attend the visit.
  • A member of SLT must be informed before.
  • The staff members visiting must take the school mobile phone with them.
  • Where possible a school vehicle will be used for the trip. If not only a staff member with business insurance can drive.
  • The visit including conversation must be recorded on CPOMS.
  • On leaving, the receptionist must make a note of the following:
Staff involved in visit:  


Have you exhausted all other means of contact?
Name of child they are visiting:  


Address of child they are visiting:  


Time of leaving school:  


Time of returning to school: